Andrew Conru Andrew Conru

I had the good fortune of being in an exciting place and time – specifically, Stanford in 1992 – just as the “World Wide Web” was emerging. This unique opportunity allowed me to pioneer various innovative technologies, such as online shopping carts, centralized ad banner management, online matchmaking, and real-time website customization. Throughout my career, I've launched about a dozen companies. The most notable among them is the Friend Finder Network, a dating social network with over 300 million registered members, which I sold in 2007 and reacquired in 2021 to become its majority shareholder.

My early years were spent on a small farm in northern Indiana, where I learned the invaluable lessons of hard work and patience. Relocating to the Bay Area in the early 1990s and later moving to Seattle in 2008, I have grown to love the region's climate, people, food, and its globally renowned spirit of entrepreneurial adventure.

Academically, I've a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Design from Stanford University (1997), a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota (1991), and Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Long ago, I taught control systems at Santa Clara University and robotics at San Jose State University.

Believing in the duty of donating one's wealth for societal benefit throughout one's lifetime, I am committed to philanthropy and eager to engage with new non-profit ventures.

I spent much of the last fifteen years working on non-profit projects that leverage technology to bring people together. Currently, I run two non-profit organizations: one that specializes in granting funds to educational, free-speech, and environmental initiatives, and another that focuses on culture and the arts.

Personally, I enjoy oil painting, antique road trips, studying history, and watching YouTube videos at insanely high speeds. I still enjoy coding, even after after writing over a million lines of it (60+ books worth) over my lifetime.

To explore collaboration or to share your vision, please feel free to get in touch via email at abconru AT or Twitter @AndrewConru.