At the end of the day, most internet technology is pretty straight-forward and success happens often not only by having the right skills but with a bit of luck and timing. I was fortunate to be at the right place and time (e.g., Stanford in 1992) when the Internet just started. This gave me the opportunity to be the first to create interesting things like online shopping carts, centralized ad banner management, online matchmaking, and real-time website customization technologies.

I grew up in northern Indiana on a small farm where I learned the value of hard work and patience. I moved to the bay area in the early 1990s and love the climate, people, food, and the sense of entrepreneurial adventure which is so common here. I’m a big fan of movies (from old classics to new releases), keeping fit, hiking in the local woods with my dog, and road trips.

I hold a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering design from Stanford University (1997), a MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota (1991), and BS degrees in economics and engineering from Rose-Hulman. I have taught control systems at Santa Clara University and Robotics at San Jose State University.

I’m always interested in business opportunities as well as helping people succeed. Currently, I split my time between Seattle and Palo Alto and working on a number of projects including – a non-profit foundation that sponsors the development of software applications for world causes and the RobotArt competition. You can email me at abconru AT